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An Account of Entomological Books not in Freeman by B O C Gardiner


In 1980 R. B. Freeman published his British Natural History Books 1495-1900; a handlist. Since then I, and others, have come across many books which for one reason or another had escaped his notice, quite a few of which have been entirely or substantially of entomological content. It is perhaps not surprising that a title such as A sister's stories should have been omitted as the title gives no intimation of the theme of the contents, which in this case (see below) is entirely entomological and it is only by examining the book that one can tell. Searching the older catalogues in the major libraries is not only no easy task, as I well know, but will only turn up natural history items with obvious titles to the subject matter and even then it is easy to overlook some. It is the assiduous visiting and browsing the shelves of bookshops, and pouring over dealers catalogues that turns up the gems. The list below is not comprehensive by any means; as it is only of books omitted by Freeman which over the years have come into my library. It does not therefore include any mention of later or earlier editions of the work. It does include some which he may have deliberately excluded according to his criteria for inclusion. There are, however, inconsistencies about some of his choices. Those he excluded are, amongst others, stated to be any "of direct practical application to man's life". A browse through some such titles reveals that while they do indeed include, say, `pest control` they also include, which may be the major content, `natural history` often detailing life-histories and foodplants. One such, for instance is George Newport's account of Athalia centifoliae (see below). Be that as it may, I feel that readers would like some of them at least, recorded here. In the list, while following the convention of quoting the size of the book in the old imperial form (e.g. 8vo.) I have added the actual size in millimeters as this is far more accurate for in various catalogues and descriptions I have seen the same book being described as sm. 8vo.; 16mo., and 12mo. the actual size being 135 x 105mm. While many of the books below are first editions this is not always clear, nor have I tracked down the date of publication of some undated (nd) items but give an approximate date from other evidence. Where the title leaves the theme of the contents unclear I have briefly given my honest opinion of them; for others the contents are obvious.

The List

F44A. A LADY: Caroline and her mother; or, familiar conversations for children. Principally upon entomological subjects. London. J. Hatchard and Son. 1827. 8vo. [180 x 110] pp 245. F74A. A. L. O. E. (MRS TUCKER): Fairy frisket; or peeps at insect life. London. Thomas Nelson & Sons 1893. 8vo. [180 x 125] pp198 + 10 pp adverts Illustrated. F74B. A.L.O.E. (MRS TUCKER): Wings & stings: a tale for the young. London. Thomas Nelson & Sons 1870, sm 8vo. [170 x 120] pp108 + 4 pp adverts. 6 engraved plates, text illustrations. F10-22. ADAMS, H G: Cage and singing birds how to catch, keep, breed, and rear them with full directions as to their natural habits, food, diseases etc. etc. London. George Routledge and Sons. (1854) 12mo. [160 x 100] pp 148, 8 engraved plates. F42. AIKMAN, JAMES: A popular view of the animal kingdom Edinburgh. Thomas Nelson 1840 12mo. [150 x 92] pp 372, 36 un-numbered engraved plates. This is the true first edition of F42 under a different title. There is also an 1850 edition [160 x 110] which has both the text and plate pages enclosed in a double border and has a hand-coloured frontispiece. F79a. ANDERSON, WILLIAM (EDITOR): Treasury of the animal world, For the Young. Gall & Inglis, London & Edinburgh. nd (1875 prize) sm. 8vo. [160 x 100]** pp 248, 5 engraved plates. 9. ANON. Our ponds and our fields and what may be seen there. London. Frederick Warne & Sons nd 12mo. [155 x 111] pp 140. Cold frontispiece, text illustrations. 10. ANON. The cabinet; or a natural history of quadrupeds, birds, fishes and insects. Edinburgh, John Beugo, W. J. & J. Richardson and Vernon & Hood 1801, sm 8vo. [175 x 105] 2 Vols pp 148; 118, 156 engraved plates, nearly all double-sided. 11. ANON. Who were the first weavers London, T. Nelson & Sons 1876 16 mo. [160 x 105] pp 72, coloured frontispiece and text illustrations. 12. ANON. The new casket London. RTS, nd (1840`s?) 12 mo [160 x 105] pp 188, 4 coloured plates and text engravings. 13. ANON. Scripture natural history. London, RTS nd 16mo. [160 x 105] pp 276, illustrated + 4 pp adverts. 14. ANON. Tiny houses and their builders. London, Cassell & Co. 3rd ed nd (1886?) sm. 4to. [220 x 165] pp 192 + 8 pp adverts, many text illustrations, some full-page. 15. ANON. The four little wise ones. London, James Nisbet & Co. 1853 sq sm. 8vo. [150 x 120] pp 427, 4 engraved plates. 16. ANON. Extracts from Times Telescope London. Sherwood Neely & Jones 1816-25? sm 8vo various articles, mainly natural history with seven plain & 3 cold plates. 17. ANON. Warne`s picture natural history. fish, insects & reptiles. London, Frederick Warne & Co. nd (1880?) 12mo. [150 x 111] pp 128 of which 32 are Kronheim colour-printed. 18. ANON. Half hours in woods and wilds. London, Daldy, Isbister & Co. 1875 sm. 8vo. [170 x 117] pp 308 + 32 pp adverts, text illustrations, some full-page. 19. ANON. The language and poetry of flowers. Halifax. Milner and Sowerby, 1864 16mo. [125 x 77] pp 56; 320, engraved frontispiece. 20. ANON. British Lepidoptera. Omitting Tineae except Epigraphidae and Psychidae. York. J. Birks 1863, 8vo. [ 220 x 140] pp (4) 21. ANON. The children`s natural history scrap album. London. O. Newman & Co. nd (1888) sm. 4to. [240 x 170] pp 62, not foliated, 91 plates each bearing a dozen small embossed coloured lithos with descriptions on verso of plate. 22. ANON. An exchange list of British Lepidoptera London. Abraham Kingdom & Co. nd (1880`s?) sm. 8vo. pp 14 [180 x 125]. 23. ANON. Scripture natural history: being an account of animals, trees, plants, and precious stones mentioned in Holy Scripture. London. SPCK, nd (1848) sm. 8vo. [163 x 103] pp 395, text illustrations. 24. ANON. Gleanings in natural history. London. T. Woolmer nd (1890?), 12mo. [150 x 120] pp 192, engraved frontispiece and text illustrations. 25. ANON. The language of flowers with illustrative poetry; to which are now added the calendar of flowers and the dial of flowers. London, Saunders and Otley 1843 9th ed,. 12mo. [140 x 95] pp xii, 362 + 4 pp adverts, 6 fine coloured litho plates. 26. ANON. Tiny workers; or, mans little rivals in the animal world. London. Thomas Nelson and Sons 1879 12mo.[155 x 105] pp 137, 12 engraved plates,+ 6 pp adverts. 27. ANON. Cecily`s birds. SPCK London nd**(1880`s?) 8vo. [185 x 120] pp 265 + 2 pp adverts. In attractive blue-grey cloth, gilt with black foliage. 28. ANON. The natural history of quadrupeds, bird and insects London C & J Rivington, sm 8vo pp 297 + 1 pp adverts. 29. ANON. Richardson`s natural history; an introduction to animated nature. Halifax: William Nicholson and sons. London. S. D. Evans & Co. nd (mid 19th cent.) [160 x 100] pp viii + 248 (248 is adverts). Blue tinted frontispiece and ?number ochre tinted plates, not numbered, text figures. 30. ANON. The elephant prinipally viewed in relation to man. London, Charles Knight. new ed. 1844 12 mo.[140 x 90] pp292, text engravings. 31. ANON. Who was the first paper maker. London. T. Nelson & Sons, 1881 12mo. [155 x 110] pp 72, coloured frontispiece and text illustrations. 32. ANON. English singing birds: their songs, homes, and habits. London, W B Horner, nd (1892?) sq. 12mo. [140 x 105] pp 112, 10 engraved plates and text illustrations. 33. ANON. The butterfly birthday book. London, Marcus Ward & Co. Ltd. nd (1880`s?) 16mo. [110 x 85] pp (184) + 4 pp adverts, illustrated in colour on every page. 34. ANON. Earth`s many voices London. SPCK nd (1872?) sq. 12mo. pp 152 [150 x 120], 6 engraved plates. 35. ANON. The harvest of a quiet eye. Leisure thoughts for busy lives. London, RTS, nd (187?) 8vo. [190 x 140] pp xiv + 300 + 4pp adverts , 9 engraved plates, text Illustrations. 37. ANON (GEORGE MOGRIDGE): Old Humphrey`s country strolls London. RTS, nd 1845, 12 mo [145 x 93] pp 320. 38. ANON (GOLDSMITH): An abridgement of Dr. Goldsmith`s natural history of beast and birds. Interspersed with a variety of interesting anecdotes, and illustrated by nearly two hundred engravings on wood in the manner of Bewick. London. Scatcherd & Letterman and Langley and Belch, 1807, 8vo [105 x 175] pp376, wood engravings. A variant perhaps of F1354/5. F1975. (JOHNS, REV C. A). Birds` nests. London. SPCK, 1854. 12mo [135 x 105] pp248 + 4pp adverts, 22 coloured plates. This is the 1st edition, dated on title page. The later edition titled Birds` nests and eggs with only 11 plates did not appear until 1874. 40. ANON (MARY ROBERTS): The annals of my village: being a calendar of nature for every month in the year. London, J. Hatchard & Son 1831 8vo [195 x 125] pp iv + 362 + 2 pp adverts, 3 engraved plates and text illustrations. 41. ANON (NEWMAN, EDWARD): The Zoologist list of British birds. London, E Newman (Privately printed) imp. 8vo. pp 8. 42. ANON. A sketch of the history of monkeys. London. C. Cox, 1848, 12 mo [145 x 95] pp 220, 98 text figures. F143A. BACON, G W: The life of Charles Darwin with British opinion on evolution. London. G W Bacon & Co., nd (1883) 8vo.[197 x 132] pp 52. F144A. BADCOCK, JOSES: Poems, by Joses Badcock. Vol I Annats, or, first fruits of reflection. London, James Paul, nd (184??) 8vo. [210 x 135] pp xvi + [1] + 212. F202A. BARRETT, CHARLES G: Labelling list of British macrolepidoptera as arranged in "Lepidoptera of the British isles", London, Lovell Reeve & Co. Ltd. 1900 imp. 8vo. pp16 single-sided. F212A. BARTON, LUCY: Scripture natural history for the young. London, Peter Jackson, Late Fisher Son & Co., nd (1850`s?) 12 mo. [130 x 105] pp 160, 80 engraved plates. F334A. BIRKENHEAD, J: Ferns and fern culture: their native habitats, organisation, habits of growth [etc etc] Manchester, the author, 1892. 8vo. [185 x 125] pp 128, text illustrations + 20 pp adverts. F351A. BLAIR, PATRICK: Miscellaneus observations in the practise of physick, anatomy and surgery. With new and curious remarks in botany. Adorn`d with copper plates. London, William Mears, 1718, 8vo. [195 x 120] pp 154, 2 engraved plates. F379A. BOND, A L: Tiny`s natural history in words of four letters London. George Routledge & Sons, (nd) [1879?] sm 4to. [205 x 167] pp 80. text and fullpage illustrations. F420A. BOUTELL, MARY E C.: Picture natural history, including zoology, fossils and botany. London. Cassell, Petter and Galpin, nd (1873) 4to. [215 x 165] pp 231, 621 Figs. + 16 pp adverts. The 5th edition of 1886 has a different textual layout and 392 text illustrations. F463A. BRIGHTWEN, MRS: Inmates of my house and garden. London,. T. Fisher Unwin 1895, 1st edition. 1897, 2nd edition. 8vo. [185 x 122] pp 277, frontispiece and text illustrations. F580/18A BUFFON. Buffon`s natural history: containing a full and accurate description of all the animated beings in nature in four parts, quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles. Halifax, William Milner 1849 16mo [125 x 80]. pp 509, 2 folding plates, text illustrations. Perhaps variant of F 580/18. F520/A BUFFON (ANON ED): Buffon’s natural history containing a full and accurate description of the animated beings in nature. Illustrated with upwards of three hunded engravings of birds, beasts, fishes, reptiles, insects etc. etc. etc. Halifax. Milner and Sowerby 1861, sm. 8vo. [165 x 105]. pp 224, 90 engraved plates, not numbered. F604A. BUTLER, E A: Silkworms (Young collector series), London, George Allen & Unwin 1887 8vo. [180 x 125] pp 100, 36 text figures. F648A. CARRINGTON, EDITH: The farmer and the birds. London, George Bell & Sons 1898 8vo [180 x 115] pp 204 + 3 pp adverts. Published on behalf of the Humanitarian League. F681A. CHAMBERS, WILLIAM & ROBERT (EDS). Introduction to the sciences. Edinburgh. William and Robert Chambers, 1833. sm. 8vo. [170 x 105] pp 124, text illustrations. F712A. CLARKE, REV. C. C. The hundred wonders of the world, and of the three kingdoms of nature, described according to the best authorities, and illustrated by engravings. London, Printed for Sir Richard Phillips & Co. 1823. 16th ed. sm. 8vo. [170 x 105] pp 668, 44 Plates. F730A. COBBOLD, T. SPENCER: Human parasites a manual of reference to all the known species of Entozoa and Ectozoa, London, Longman Green & Co. 1882 8vo. [190 x 125] pp 88, + 12 pp adverts. F808A. COOKE, M C: Rambles among the wild flowers/ London. T Nelson and Sons 1898, sm fat 8vo.[175 x 115] pp 114; 106; 94; 98; 96, 10 cold. Plates & text Figures. F860A. CROTCH, G R: List of all the Coleoptera described A.D. 1758-1821. Cambridge (no publisher stated) 1871, 8vo. [220 x 140] pp 24. F858A. CROTCH, G. B.: List of all the Coleoptera described A.D. 1756-1821 referred to their modern genera. Cambridge (no publisher stated) 1871, [220 X 140] pp 24. F861A. CROWTHER, HENRY: Label list of British Lepidoptera. Truro. Lake & Lake nd (1880`s), 8vo. [210 x 135] pp (10); iv-xviii. 1 plate. F863A. CROWTHER, JAMES: The lady-bird`s tea party and other stories London. Sunday school union, undate, 8vo. [180 x 120] pp 128 + 16 pp adverts. F942. DAWSON, J F & CLARK, HAMLET: A rearrangement of the nomenclature and synonomy of those species of British Coleoptera which are comprised under the sections Geodephaga, Hydradephaga and part of Philhydrida London. Printed by Taylor & Francis 1856 8vo. [215 x 137] pp 12 single-sided. pbk. An earlier, and therefore the first edition, by a different publisher to that given by Freeman. who qotes only 10 pp and 1860 published by van Voorst. F1028A. DONN, JAMES. Hortus Cantabrigiensis; or, an accented catalogue of plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Cambridge Botanic Garden. London. F. C. & J. Rivington, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; J. Mawman; Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; and Sherwood, Neely and Jones, [185 x 125] pp 356. F1039A. DOUBLEDAY, H: British Lepidoptera, omitting Tineae except Epigraphiidae and Psychidae. York, Printed for J. Birks, 1863, imp. 8vo. [220 x 140] single double-sided folded sheet, pp 4. F1043A. DOUGLAS, J W & SCOTT, JOHN. A list of British Hemiptera, (Heteroptera) with allied species found in northern and central Europe which may be expected to occur in Britain. London. Printed by E. Newman 1862 8vo. [212 x 137] pp 16 single-sided. pbk. F1097A. DYSON, C E: Bird-keeping. A practical guide for the management of singing and cage birds. London and New York. Frederick Warne and Co. 1889 8vo. [180 x 120] pp 263, 6 cold and 6 engraves plates. F1172A. FENN, GEORGE MANVILLE: Nat the Naturalist, London. Blackie & Son Ltd. nd, 8vo. [185 x 130] pp 330, 8 engraved plates + 32 pp adverts. F1247. FORTESCUE, HON J W: The story of a red deer London, Macmillan & Co. 1897, sm 8vo. [175 x 110] pp 212. F1289A. G. L. M.: Spider spinnings or, adventures in insect-land. London. George Routledge & Sons, nd, 16mo [ 160 x 100] pp 178, 2 engraved plates + 2 pp adverts. F1354/21A. GOLDSMITH, OLIVER. Goldsmith`s history of man and quadrupeds; with numerous original notes &c &c, London. Smith Elder & Co. and Thomas Tegg, 1838, 16mo. [125 x 80] 2 vols pp 344, 356, with 28 hand-cold. plates. F1389A. GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY: Letters from Alabama, (U.S.) chiefly relating to natural history. London. Morgan and Chase, 1859, sm 8vo. [170 x 111] pp 306, text illustrations. + 2 pp adverts. These letters were originally published in a Ladies magazine, The Home Friend. F1403A. GRAHAM, P. ANDERSON. Country pastimes for boys. London. Longmans, Green, and Co., 1897. 8vo. [185 x 125] pp448, engraved frontispiece and, 248 figs, some arranged on plates. F1407. GRANT, ELIZABETH. Holiday rambles: or, peeps into the book of nature. London. G. Routledge & Co., 1857, 12mo. [150 x 105] pp 186, 3 engraved plates + 6 pp adverts. Freeman does not mention another edition a year later and with only half the plates. 77. GREENE, PROF JOSEPH REAY: Manual of the animal kingdom. II Coelenterata. London. Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green, 1863, sm. 8vo [165 x 105] pp xii + 271, text illustrations. F1491A. GUBERNATIS, ANGELO DE. Zoological mythology or the legends of animals. London. Trubner & Co., 1872, imp 8vo. [220 x 120] 2 Vols. pp 431. F1557A. HARRIS, THADEUS MASON. The natural history of the Bible; or, a description of all the quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects, trees, plants, flowers, gums and precious stones mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures. London. Geo B Whittaker, 1825, a new edition. sm. 8vo. [170 x 110] pp (not foliated) xxxvi + 420 + 11 engraved plates. F1801A. HOWITT, MARY (EDITOR). Pictorial calendar of the seasons. London. Henry G. Bohn, 1954, 8vo. [182 x 115] pp 567, text illustrations and 12 engraved plates. F1803A. HOWITT, WILLIAM: A country book: for the field, the forest and the fireside London, G Routledge & Co , 1859 (3rd edition), sm. 8vo. [170 x 105] pp viii + 392, 7 engraved plates by Birkett Foster. F1838A. HUMPHREYS, JENNET: Insect ways on summer days: in garden, forest, field, and stream. London. Blackie & Son, Ltd. 1887, 8vo. [185 x 125] pp 192, frontispiece & text illustrations, some full page + 32 pp adverts. Many later editions. F1964. JESSE, EDWARD: Favorite haunts and rural studies, including visits to spots of interest in the vicinity of Windsor and Eton. London. John Murray, 1847, 8vo pp vi + 365, 28 engraved plates and 3 only text figures. Freeman quotes only one plate. F1966A. JOHNS, BENNET GEORGE: Among the butterflies A book for young collectors. London, Isbister & Co., 1891, 8vo. [185 x 125] pp 198 + 2 pp advert frontispiece + 12 engraved plates. F1981A. JOHNS, REV C A. Rambles in the four seasons London. SPCK, nd (1850?), 12mo. [135 x 105] pp 93; 110; 102; 93, engraved frontispiece and text illustrations, some full page. F2066A. KEENE, KATHERINE. Voiceless teachers: whence they come, and what they teach. London. Swann Sonnenschein & Co., 1885, 8vo. [190 x 130] pp 150, text illustrations + 8 engraved plates. F2143A. KOLLAR, VINCENT (TRANSLATED BY J & M LOUDON, WITH NOTES BY J. O. WESTWOOD): A treatise on insects injurious to gardeners, foresters, & farmers. London. William Smith, 1840, 16mo [175 x 115] pp 377, text illustrations + 2 pp adverts. F2177A. LAUDER, SIR THOMAS DICK & BROWN, CAPT. THOMAS: The miscellany of natural history. Vol. I. Parrots. Edinburgh. Fraser & Co., Smith Elder & Co. and W. F. Wakeman, 1833, 12mo. [160 x 100] pp 170, 2 engraved and 35 handcoloured plates. F2179A. LAVATER, SUE, & Co.: Lavater`s Looking-Glass, or, Essays on the face of animated nature, from man to plants, London. Printed by Miller Ritchie, 1800, 8vo. [210 x 135] pp 215, engraved frontispiece. F2198 LEE Should be LEECH. Freeman must have seen a defective copy for all copies seen have all the plates either coloured or, occasionally, all plain. F2199A. LEE, MRS R: The tiny menagerie. London. Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh, nd. (1885?), sm. 8vo [175 x 120] pp (not foliated) 62 of which 14 are engraved plates. F2217A. LEMANN, F C: The butterflies of Switzerland (Translated from Prof Frey`s Die Lepidopteran der Schweiz). Plymouth, James H Keys, 1896, (Privately printed) imp. 8vo. [240 x 155] pp 44. F2305A. LODDIGES, CONRAD. Hardy trees and shrubs, in the collection of Conrad Loddiges and Sons, Nurserymen at Hackney, near London. London. Wilson & Ogilvy, 1842, 12mo. [155 x 100] pp 22. A2035B. LODDIGES, CONRAD. Orchideae. in the collection of Conrad Loddiges & Sons, Hackney, near London. London. Wilson & Ogilvey, nd (1840`s?), 12mo. [155 x100] pp 45. F2035C. LODDIGES, CONRAD. Greenhouse plants in the collection of Conrad . Loddiges & Sons, Nurserymen at Hackney, near London. London. Wilson &Ogilvy, 1842, 12mo [155 x 100] pp 20. F2316A. LOUDON, MRS: The Ladies` companion to the flower garden London. William Smith. 1846 4th edition. sm. 8vo. [167 x 111] pp 351 + 16 pp adverts, handcoloured frontispiece, 73 text figures. F2316B. LOUDON, MRS: Gardening for Ladies: with a calendar of operations and directions for every month of the year. London. John Murray, 1846, 4th edition. sm. 8vo. [170 x 105] pp 443, text illustrations + 16 pp adverts. F2319A. LOVELL, KATE R. Nature`s wonder-workers: being some short life-histories in the insect world London. Cassell & Co. Ltd, 1890, 8vo. [185 x 125]. pp viii, 9-285 + 18 pp adverts, text illustrations, some full page. F2346A. LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN. The beauties of nature and the wonders of the world we live in. London. Macmillan and Co. 1893, 3rd ed. 8vo. [185 x 125] pp 427, 53 text figures + 4 pp adverts Illustrated. F2346B. LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN. The pleasures of life. London. Macmillan and Co., 1887, 2nd ed. 8vo [175 x 125] pp 191 + 4 pp adverts. 105. M. F. M: Scripture natural history; being an account of animals, trees, plants and precious stones mentioned in Holy Scripture, given principally in extracts from the works of travellers. London. SPCK, 1848, sm 8vo. pp 395. F2403A. MACKRAY, REV A. N. Bird-preachers friendly talks with little folks about Bible-birds. London. RTS, nd (1889), sm 8vo. [170 x 115] pp 128, text illustrations + 16 pp adverts. F2435A. MAJOR, JOSHUA. A treatise on the insects most prevalent on fruit trees and garden produce. London. Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1829. 8vo. [135 x 215], pp 302. F2444. MANT, ALICIA CATHERINE. The young naturalist, a tale. London. H. Holloway, 1824, 2nd edition. sm. 8vo. [172 x 110] pp vi + {1) + 208. F2446A. MAOUT, EMM. LE & DECAISNE, J & HOOKER, J D. A general system of botany descriptive & analytical London. Longmans, Green and Co., 1873, Imp. 8vo. [240 x 185] pp 1066 with numerous text illustrations. F2487A [MARTIN, SELINA]: A sister`s stories. Kirkby Lonsdale. Arthur Foster & L. B. Seely & Sons. 1833, sm 8vo. [111 x 177] pp 207, 29 engraved plates of insects, not numbered. Under A sister`s stories Freeman gives "see Martin, Selina" but there is no such entry. 2492A. MARTIN W C L: The history of the horse: its orgin, physical and moral characteristics, its principle varieties, and domestic allies. London. Charles Knight & Co., 1845, 12mo. [145 x 95] pp240, text illustrations, some full-page F2492B. MARTIN, W C L: The history of the Dog: its origins, physical and moral charactersitics, and its principal varieties. London,. Charles Knight, 1845, 12mo.[145 x 95] pp 222, text illustrations. F2492C. MARTIN, W C L: A sketch of the history of monkeys. .London. C. Cox, 1848, 12mo.[145 x 95] pp 220, 100 text illustrations. F2492D. MARTIN, W C L: The Elephant, principally viewed in relation to man. London. Charles Knight, 1844, 12mo.[145 x 95] pp 292, text illustrations. F2666A. MORLEY, WILLIAM A. Entomological notes for the young collector. London. Elliot Stock 1896. sm. 8vo. [165 x 105] pp x + 129, 8 Plates. F2813A. NEWPORT, GEORGE. Observations on the anatomy, habits and economy of Athalia centrifoliae, the saw-fly of the turnip. London. Printed for The Entomological Society, 1838, 8vo.[220 x 140] pbk.. pp 32, 1 plate. The Prize essay of the Society for 1837. F2866A. ORMEROD , ELEANOR A. Guide to methods of insect life; and prevention & remedy of insect ravage. London, Simpkin Marshall & Co., 1884, 8vo. [180 x 120] pp168, 121 text figures. F2866B. ORMEROD, ELEANOR A. A textbook of agricultural entomology; being a guide to methods of insect life and means of prevention of insect ravage. London. Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., 1892, 8vo.[180 x 120] pp 238, 163 text figures + 2 pp adverts. F2876A. OWEN, JAMES: The stepping-stone to natural history. Vertebrate or back-boned animals viz. Mammalia, birds, reptiles, and fishes. London. Longmans, Green, and Co., new edition nd (1857?), 16mo.[140 x 90] pp vii then 8-198, 12. engraved plates. This does not agree with Freemann 2876 who gives sm. 8vo. vii + 191. F2927A. PARRY, MAJOR F J SYDNEY: Catalogus Coleopterorum Lucanoidum. London E W Janson editio tertia, 1875, 8vo. [220 x 140] pp 29. F2948A. PATTERSON, A: Rambles in birdland. London,. Thomas Mitchell nd sm. 4to pp 127, text illustrations, some full-page. F2947. PATTERSON, ROBERT: Introduction to zoology for the use of schools. Part I. Invertebrate animals. London. Simpkin Marshall & Co., 1847, sm. 8vo. [182 x 112] pp 196, 178 text figures. This copy has different publisher and date to those quoted by Freeman. F3075. PRATT, ANNE: Chapters on the common things of the sea-side. The later editions of this work are entitled sea-coast and are un-dated, being sm. 8vo. [165 x 105] pp 344, (not 345) + 4 pp adverts. F3188A. 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