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JEREMY THOMAS & RICHARD LEWINGTON , THE BUTTERFLIES OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND, 2010, 288 pages, hardback, more than 900 detailed colour illustrations making it the most recent and complete collection of British butterfly images of all life-stages, essays on all the British species including life history and ecology, identification, distribution, conservation and folklore, a complete and fully revised version of the authors original and much acclaimed book. An essential work of reference and source of pleasureable reading for all those interested in butterflies. This book is the 'Must-have' bible for butterfly enthusiasts. Published by British Wildlife Publishing. 24 + post

ASHER, JIM & M WARREN, R FOX and others, THE MILLENNIUM ATLAS OF BUTTERFLIES IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND, 2001, 464pp, 270 colour illustrations and distribution maps, hardback with dustjacket. The millennium atlas is the culmination of five years intensive work by thousands of volunteer recorders resulting in the most comprehensive survey of butterflies ever undertaken in the British Isles. It is an up-to-date assessment of our butterflies, their habitats, the threats they face, and the major changes that have occurred since the 1984 atlas. The varying fortune of each species is meticulously charted particularly in relation to widespread habitat loss and climate variation. There is a wealth of new information about butterfly ecology including findings from the British Monitoring Scheme and descriptions of the habitats most favoured by particular communities of butterflies with visions of how their future conservation might be developed. The style of writing is easily readable and the book is fantastic value for money. It will be a classic work for many years and of interest to amateur naturalists, professional conservationists and policy makers alike. This book is also really is a 'Must-have' for anyone who loves butterflies. New copy but now out of print. 35+ post.

GEORGE THOMSON, THE MEADOW BROWN BUTTERFLIES, a study in genetics, morphology and evolution, 2011, 344 pages, numerous monochrome plates, diagrams, and other illustrations, a scientific work dealing with the species in Britain and across Europe, soft covers, new, published by the author. 27.50.

BRYAN HOLDEN, BB'S BUTTERFLIES, Writings and Illustrations from the Works of BB (Denys Watkins-Pitchford), 2012 edited by Bryan Holden and with Foreword by Matthew Oates, 208 pages, well illustrated with many of the pictures by BB and also numerous colour photos and extracts from his many books and articles about the Purple Emperor, other British butterflies and natural history, dustjacket/hardback, published by Roseworld Productions Ltd. 35.00p>




11th July 2013. The UK Royal Mail has issued a mint set of 10 1st class stamps depicting British butterflies painted by Richard Lewington. The stamps can be bought in a presentation pack with explanation of the butterflies and illustrations of their life-cycles. A separate card is also available showing the underside of each species along with a special "First Day" cover envelope. The species featured are Comma, Orange-tip, Small Copper, Chalkhill Blue, Swallowtail,Purple Emperor, Marsh Fritillary, Brimstone, Red Admiral and Marbled White.


11th July 2013. A set of 10 postcards of the butterfly stamps are also on sale at post offices.

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